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Get Smart

Video with great content to give your company direction and Value on Cross Media Marketing. Pageflex presents a non-commercial industry look at cross-media marketing including trends and goals. Tips on how to leap the learning curve, best practices and guidelines are also included. To complete the video see a case study as well as advise on how to price and sell cross-media campaigns.

Larry Zussman, XM Pie on the hottest trend in marketing now and growing exponentially - video marketing. 77% of marketers plan on using more video in 2013. 41% more click-throughs when video is used rather than simple text. Home pages are 53 times more likely to rise to the top of Google search with video on the web home page. Learn even more at PRINT 2013 visit Xerox and XM Pie.

Dean Petrulakis of Rider Dickerson shares best practices as demonstrated by their Print Forum. The best way to build customer relationships is through education. You must engage your customers to build true relationships. Watch this video for great actionable solutions on “HOW” to build a program like this starting small. This strategy will help you generate more business.

How to Sell/Market to the Education Marketplace. A GRAPH EXPO Marketing Theatre presentation presented by Caslon / PODi complete with three success case studies. Watch this to learn actionable take-aways in this brief and impactful video session.

Session R33 at GRAPH EXPO 2012, "In-Plant Biz Development 101: 'How-to' Build Variable & Multi-Channel Offerings," on Tuesday 10/9. Learn from in-plant leader, Phil Larson how to develop multi-channel and custom variable print business. From people to software and hardware, to tools and training.

Learn the State of Oregon best practices success stories from their InPlant Print and Distribution Manager. Government InPlant secrets are shared here.

The University of North Texas, Jimmy Friend will share success stories based on their outrageous customer service and exceptional services strategy. This InPlant will share their roadmap for InPlant sucess.

The headliner event for the in-plant track at Graph Expo 2012, is "Empowered In-Plants: Success Stories from the Field" on Monday 10/8. In-plants voted for their dream team of panelists, including Jimmy Friend, Phil Larson, Debbie Gallagher, and Gene Voelker. Elisha Kasinskas of RSA moderates.

Video Marketing Growth and Video Personalization Growth. Today you can personalize text, images, graphics and more on video. Learn How in this Marketing Theatre presentation.

Discover new print applications for Printed Electronics printed with offset and inkjet printers! Kate Stone of Novalia, walks you through the unique applications you can print, make strong profits with and how to expand your print capabilities into this fast growing and lucrative area.

PODi presentation on selling to the non-profit market. This market includes credit unions, hospitals and many charitable organizations to name a few. There are nearly two million charitable organizations in the United States. This is a good market for print as almost 20% of direct mail are from charitable organizations. This video taped presentation shows successful strategies in selling to the non-profit market.

Author John Foley highlights the importance of “inbound marketing” and HOW to take advantage of people who are viewing your website. Discover best practices from this session at GRAPH EXPO at the Chicago AMA Marketing Theatre.

Marketing Pavilion Theater - Getting Aggressive with Your Internet Marketing.  Presented by Dr. Joe Webb and Slava Apel sponsored by MediaEx.

Discover new opportunities in package printing at the free session: Innovative Packaging, a 360 Degree View Tuesday, October 9 at GRAPH EXPO.

Learn how mobile technology in packaging using tools like QR codes and Augmented Reality can work for you. Digital printing opportunities in packaging. Monday, October 9 11:00- 12:30 Free session.

October 8th session learn how to use team building plus great C-suite communication secrets to grow your InPlant success at GRAPH EXPO 2012.

Free session “How Social Media Works for the Channel” at the Global Channel Partner Summit booth #4461 at GRAPH EXPO. Learn HOW to use social media to adapt your place on the Graphic Communications channel.

The headliner event for the in-plant track at Graph Expo 2012, is "Empowered In-Plants: Success Stories from the Field" on Monday 10/8. Panelist Gene Voelker, Parkview Health, talks about his successful healthcare in-plant and the panel session.