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"New Technologies from the GRAPH EXPO 14 MUST SEE 'EMS"

Every year, the printing industry's top vendors submit their best products for a shot at MUST SEE 'EMS recognition. Which of these new innovations could impact your business this year? What new technologies might revolutionize your market segment? The person to ask is Hal Hinderliter, the program coordinator of the MUST SEE 'EMS awards! Hal has reviewed every entry and tabulated the votes from all the judges, and now he'll share his insights on the 2014 competition in this exciting, information packed webinar.

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Throughout our history of selling machinery for the graphic arts industry, we have always found that the majority of shops do some sort of shrink wrapping. We have also found that most places do not have adequate machinery to handle their needs. The focus throughout the years have been for better quality product, whether it be printing or finishing. Multi-million dollar investments are made in order to produce but the final process gets forgotten.

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What do you says when a prospect says, “We’re happy with our current printer?” All too often, I hear printing salespeople say things like “That’s great. I have customers who say the same thing about me.” Well, that’s interesting, but is it compelling?

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